We hope this letter reaches you in good health, and that your family is well taken care of during this trying time. We strongly believe that our community can pull through this, and we would like to update you on the precautions and steps we have been making here at The Key Training Center.

            Our senior leadership at The Key Training Center meets multiple times a week, as we are also staying up to date as new updates come in- to ensure we are staying on top of this ever changing situation. We do not take COVID-19 lightly, and are ensuring that we take care of our clients, staff, and our effect on the community. We value your contributions to The Key and we want to keep you updated on the decisions we are making.

            We’ve been listening to our Governor, and taking the CDC recommendations very seriously- every decision we make, is based on that information. At this time, we have safe guarded our residential clients, combined our ADT programs into smaller groups, we are screening every employee before they come into our buildings, we limit the vendors to those who are necessary while we also screen them, we have practicing safe social distancing, and we have also limited our store hours at our retail stores to accommodate for cleaning and sanitizing throughout the day.

            Since 1966 we have put our client’s safety at the forefront of our decision making, and we will continue to do so even more throughout the COVID-19 process. We will conquer through this, and will need our communities support more than ever throughout this process. We will continue to promote kindness, love, dignity and respect- and feel as though it’s needed now, more than ever.

            If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out. We are keeping everyone up to date through our Facebook page and also our website at www.keytrainingcenter.org

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