Please be aware that federal and state guidance related to COVID-19 is being updated continuously. The Key Training Center is acting and communicating as quickly as possible to any operational changes or updates.

As a direct response to Florida Governor Executive Order on March 16th, and CDC advising adopting of far-reaching social distancing measures the following actions are being implemented:

  • Effective Friday, March 20, 2020, all Key Center residents will remain in their homes until further notice.
  • Starting Monday, March 23, 2020, Key Center residents will receive Adult Day Services programming in their group homes which was recently approved by Agency for Persons with Disabilities.
  • Effective Monday, March 23, 2020, all Adult Day Services will be available at the Lecanto Campus ONLY for those ADT clients who live at home (not Key Residents) and on a voluntary bases that are in need of day services. The Inverness Campus will be closed effective Monday, March 23, 2020, until further notice.
    The Lecanto ADT Campus will follow the CDC recommendation of a 6-foot distance between any groups of individuals and limiting grouping to no more than 10 individuals and separated by classroom environments. Social distancing will be practiced on all transportation vehicles.
  • On Monday, March 16, 2020, all visitations were prohibited in the ADT program and group homes until further notice. Mandated approved exceptions include: family members, friends, and visiting residents in end-of-life situations; Hospice or palliative care workers caring for residents in end-of-life situations; any individuals providing necessary health care to a resident, facility staff and residents, and representatives of the federal or state government seeking entry as part of their official duties, including, but not to, Agency for Health Care Administration and Agency for Persons with Disabilities. Even with approved exceptions all visitors, staff, and clients will continue to go through an in-depth screening protocol where if a person has a fever (100.4 or above) OR a combination of COVID-19 active conditions/situations they will not be allowed to enter the ADT program or Residential facility.
  • In an event we have a confirmed COVID-19 case in a residential group home, the resident will be immediately removed from the group home and placed in a safe location for isolation purposes. We will work closely with local health officials, in conjunction with and parents/guardians, to determine next health and quarantine actions.
  • Once again, for all ADT clients, and residents, we strongly discourage families from removing clients from their residences and ADT campuses at this time. If a residential parent and guardian choose to take their loved one home for any reason, they will be required to sign their loved on out for a mandatory 2 week home stay and upon facility return the client will be required to go through a residential extensive screening process to include nursing assessment, before being allowed reentry to the group home.
  • As many of our ADT and Residential clients are concerned about COVID-19 and how it affects them and their loved ones, please find an 8 page booklet that was created by and for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to explain this virus in plain language and focuses on “need to know” information.

All of our facilities are following the recommendations of the CDC on prevention steps, including following strict handwashing procedures and infection control procedures. All clients and staff are being consistently screened before entering the day and residential facilities. All clients’ health continues to be assessed and monitored.

Please remember that The Key Center depends on its direct support professional workforce to continue to provide the care for our ADT and residential clients even during this most challenging time. None of our facilities are under quarantine, but strict mandated non-visitation rules and in-depth screening process for staff are in place. Our direct support professional staff also have home and family responsibilities when they their Key work, but they understand the importance of community social distancing and health pre-screening before starting their ADT or residential work to keep The Key clients and their own families healthy and safe. We thank each of them for their dedication and commitment to our clients and job responsibilities.

We thank those individuals that are following our non-visitation rules. As the situation regarding COVID-19 continues to change rapidly, we continue to ask for your prayers, patience, and understanding in assisting us with complying with non-visitation standards to reduce our Adult Day Program clients and residents, and the staff who support them, to potential exposure to COVID-19. We are receiving updates on a daily basis, which may impact our operations, and will share them with our clients, residents, families, staff, volunteers, and supporters as they are released to us.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call:

  • Theresa Flick, Director of Program Operations          352.795.5541 Ext. 224
  • Barbara Branch, Director of Day Services                  352.795.5541 Ext. 244
  • Cole Kiser, Director of Residential Services                  352.795.5541 Ext. 227

We know this is a critical unprecedented time and our thoughts are with those who have and will be impacted.


Melissa Walker

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