This year marks the 44th Annual Key Training Center’s Run for the Money fundraiser. A 180 Mile run from Tallahassee to Lecanto to illustrate the challenges that adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) experience every day.  As the Key Training Center continues to respond to the rapidly-changing COVID-19 situation, the decision was made to be on the right side of the pandemic, and transition the beloved Run for the Money events into virtual events this year. Focusing on the safety of the clients, staff, and community- they are asking the community to support this new endeavor. 

This will be the first year that we welcome anyone and everyone who would like to help us reach out 180 mile goal! As you may be familiar, every year we have a growing group of Key Runners who run from the steps of the Capitol Building in Tallahassee, down to our Lecanto Campus towards the end of July. Our Key Runners will be organizing their own runs safely this year, to still maintain their personal goal of 180, but we have decided to open this up to our community to support as well!

If you would like to support The Key Training Center, The Key Runners and Mr. Cole’s vision for this event- we have a few different ways that you can do so!

If you are a runner, you can register to run for the key. When you register, there is a 25$ registering fee which includes your t-shirt. Once you are registered we’ll send you an email giving you tips on how to keep track of your miles for us.

If you would like to support our runners, please follow the link below to either: join a team and make a donation on behalf of a team, or click the link below to just donate to our Run for the Money 180 Miles & Beyond.

We have exciting prizes for those of you who register with us throughout the run! We will pick winners at random, along with providing The Most Fundraised a prize, The Most Spirited (yes, we’re still doing our spirit week!) and once you hit 150$ raised and 250$ raised, you will receive fun goodie bags from us!

We are very excited to include everyone this year, and we hope you will be excited to participate with us as well!

To Register:

Follow this link:

Text: RUN To: 71777

Call: 352-795-5541 Ext. 312

To Donate:

Follow this link: Call: 352-795-5541 Ext. 312

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